Stages of being Freshly Pressed.

Hour 1:  Whoa – what’s with all the comments?

Hour 3: Holy cow – people are reading my words.  Words that were thought by my little brain.  How do I feel about this, Brain?

Hour 6: Brain says: “I could get used to this.”

Hour 8:  Entering rockstar land.

Hour 12: Calling personal stylists and taking an ad out in the paper looking for an assistant.

Hour 16: Getting really pissed P. Diddy hasn’t called yet.

Hour 20: Obsessively checking stats.  Because.  Like.  Whoa.

Hour 24: Insisting Tony tells me what a famous writer I am.  And maybe insisting on a back rub, too.

Hour 36:  All the traffic stopped?  Where is everybody?  People?

Next Day:  Love me and leave me, people.  I see how it is.

Sssssss – that’s my over-inflated ego letting out the last of the steam.  This Freshly Pressed stuff is awesome, but man, what a whirlwind.  You start to look back on old posts and obsess about what people are thinking.

They think I’m a dork.  Why did I have to use the word “rad” in that one post about hot dogs?  Who uses that word anymore?  And why do I insist on always talking about hot dogs?  Oh god, stop looking at me!

It was fun, but now I’m back to my normal, un-famous self.  Although normal might not be the correct term that would apply today, because I’ve already gone over the dramatic list of “Things Left To Do Before The Wedding” with Tony, who I believe stopped listening after I got to the task entitled “Pick Up Papertowels Before My Parents Get Here Because They’ll See Our Dirty Kitchen Counters.”  He can put up with a lot of crazy, but when I get to the special kind of bridal crazy, he pretty much throws up  his hands.

But in all honesty, thanks for all those who visited yesterday, took the time to make comments, and even took the time to subscribe to follow me and my little slice of life for long past the Freshly Pressed days…and to all those who were with me from the getgo, don’t worry .  I would never forget the little people.  You know.  When I’m hobnobbing with Ludacris and all.  Expect shout-outs on his next album.