Things I’ve Been Avoiding:

1.) Hanging the rest of the artwork.  We have a bed.  We have a couch.  We even have milk.  I think we have this adult stuff down pretty well.  As long as we’re getting our basic food groups and a good round of Tetris on Wii, the art can probably wait.

2.) Throwing out the last remnants of our move.  I don’t even have an excuse for this, other than I’m feeling incredibly lazy and don’t want to have to try and smoosh this big plastic casing into a crumpled little ball that will take up the majority of our trash can.  So I’ll just stare at it for awhile longer.  Possibly with hopes it’ll find it’s own way to the trash.

3.) Laundry.  And most women don’t even need me to give an excuse as to why I’m putting it off.  “Laundry” is “enough said.”

4.) Tony’s bathroom.  You will have nightmares.

5.) Tony’s artroom/closet/man-cave.

6.) Tony’s closet.  May God have mercy on your soul.

Things I’ve Been Doing Instead:

1.) Eating chocolate.  But that might not be a good list item, mainly because I eat chocolate even when I’m DOING the things I normally avoid.

I eat chocolate on a street.

I eat chocolate on my meat.

I each chocolate near and far.

I eat chocolate from a jar.

~Katie Seuss

2.) Playing more than the average recommended daily dose of Donkey Kong Returns on Wii.  I have officially lost all feeling in my right thumb, but do not pity me.  I have beaten the much-hated mole level.

3.) I have hung shoes.  On my wall.  Because who needs to throw moving trash away when they can be greeted every morning with a sassy pair of shoes?

That’s it.  I need an intervention.  Please.  Someone.  Come do my laundry while I beat the Forest Level and win back all my bananas!