Alright, peeps.  We have wedding photos.  And to all of you who are family or Facebook friends, I apologize in advance because you are probably starting to feel like I’m cramming these photos down your throat.

But to my blog friends…

Whee!  We have photos!

It was hard to choose which photos to show out of the over 500 we got back, so I had to choose my favorites.  Also?  It’s mostly pics of us.  I didn’t want to go plastering all our friends and family all over the web.  So while it looks like maybe we were the only ones who showed up to our own wedding, I assure you, we were not.

Photography credit goes to Front Room Photography in Bayview, Wisconsin.  They rock the casbah.

Oh heck. You knew I’d put the shoes first, right?
Tony and I did pictures before the ceremony. The next few photos are of our “first look” at the hotel.


Really. Who needs Glamour Shots anyway?
Are you there, God? It’s me, Katie.

I feel like there was something we were gonna’ do today. Guys? You remember?
Hello handsome

First kiss!
No one sends out like Stevie. We walked out to “Signed, Sealed, Delivered”
I HAD to include a picture of the centerpieces.
I made these also. Let the bragging commence.
Pick up your Champagne toast and find your table number. Win-win.
Our first dance was one of my favorite moments of the night.
One of many late night, snow shots. We got married on the first snow of the season. And let me tell you…it was cold!

Ok, I’m done harassing you with photos of only ourselves.  You can stop humming “You’re So Vain” anytime now.

Again, because I’m not 100% on how everyone feels about having their photos all over the Interweb, I have to be careful what I post.  You understand, right?

But anyway.  They finally came in and I figured my blog friends should see.  You’ve all followed me through a pretty crazy journey from being a bride-to-be to an actual wife.  On to the crazy journey ahead!