Today I am home from work, sick with a headache and sore throat.

I have watched 2 very old episodes of Grey’s Anatomy.

I have stared at the thank-you cards on the desk and toyed with the idea of finishing the last 1/3.  I am still thinking, but I think another Grey’s Anatomy episode might help with my motivation.

I have also mulled over possibly making myself a hot fudge sundae.  First person to remind me it’s only 2 in the afternoon wins an Indian Burn.  Or a noogie.  Seeing as how we should probably keep to the theme of childhood ways-of-torment and all…

I had a whole long post to write about my Green Bay Packers, who are playing in the NFC championship game on Sunday (woot! woot!), but I started envisioning my extended family (who are Bears fans, but I try hard to see past that and love them anyway) writing all over my comments section.  And I don’t have the energy to refute their total lies about how the Bears rule.  Listen.  Your quarterback’s head looks like a toe.  When he grows a chin, then we’ll talk.

For all you non-football loving readers out there…my apologies.  I won’t get started.  When it comes to football, I start to get a little insane in the membrane. 

I almost fell off our coffee table the last time I watched a game.  Don’t ask. 

So if anybody wants to come over and make me feel better, you better come bearing gifts.  I accept sundaes, completed thank-you cards or Aaron Rodgers in his birthday suit with a Superbowl ring on his finger.  Actually, forget the sundae and thank-you cards.  A-Rod will do just fine.