Remember the Freshman 15?  Do they make a newlywed version?  Maybe it’s the pure bliss of being married.  Or the frightful weather outside.  Or a touch of both with a hint of “ha – I own you for life, sucka’ so just try to divorce me when I put on a few pounds and you see me push our child out of my lady bit parts.” (Sidenote for the fam: nope, not pregnant yet, you can resume your regularly scheduled programing…)

Last summer I was pretty good about going to the gym for…oh…about a month there.  And then the wedding planning stress kicked in and the two-job thing didn’t help and excuse, excuse, excuse and I pretty much fell of the bandwagon from about August onward.  After the wedding I promised myself I’d buckle down.  Call it the Wedding Year’s Eve resolution.  But then the move and the holidays were upon us.  And what’s a girl to do when face to face with Christmas cookies.

My god, they have sprinkles, people!  Don’t act so high and mighty like you’d pass up something with sprinkles.

So I maybe have lost a little…tone…since last year.  And it’s driving me nuts.  Because:  tone vs. hot fudge sundae icecream.  Which one provides the more immediate gratification?  You got it.  Pass me the Edy’s.

But I’m back.  On the wagon.  Sweating it out with the elderly in their penny loafers and jeans on the elliptical machines at the Y.  And not feeling quite as guilty when I treat myself to the hot fudge sundae.  So wish me and my untoned thighs luck.  I’m going to need it in order to keep up with these elderly.