Know what I love more than high heels, a pair of jeans that make my ass look fantastic and mint chocolate chip icecream?  Give up? 

Michael Jackson. 


I am a nut for MJ.  A true, unapologetic nut.  Just ask all the dive bars in the area that ‘conveniently’ shut off their jukeboxes when I come strolling in.  They know what’s about to be all up in their eardrums.  They’ve learned the hard way.  Smooth Criminal, ya’ll.

My favorite song is “P.Y.T.”  Not one that’s as well known, but in my circle, it’s known as my song.  And really.  Who hasn’t always dreamed of a song to call their own?

Why am I professing my undying love for Michael Jackson?  I mean, I knooow the man had a chimp named Bubbles.  And there was that whole Thing.  In the courts, Thing.  And pajamas.  And rollercoasters.  And yeah.  He’s creepy, whatevs.

But the man still made insane music, and even came up with cooler dance moves.  Which brings me to the point of this blog post, a little (way) past the point where my opening thesis sentence should have been.  I call it the “cliffhanger” method.  Hey, I don’t tell you how to write, people!

Oh, yeah, the point.  The point is…I am now a proud owner of the Michael Jackson Experience on Wii.  Where I can follow along to Wacko Jacko’s every moonwalk and crotch grab.  And lemme tell you…there’s a whole lotta’ crotch grabbing…  So you’ve been warned.  So you can, you know…warm up those muscles or something….

Just the same, I’m having so much fun with this Wii game.  Nevermind that I feel like a complete and utter failure at following choreography.  And dancing.  And maybe life as a whole when I’m the loser dancing in front of the TV at 1 in the morning on a Saturday night.  I promise I have friends!

I’m excited to give this game a good test drive after a glass or two of wine.  It should make it even more fun.  Or more dangerous as Tony’s best friend Matt might attest after I almost hit him in the crotch with a Wii remote.  So the moral is…stand away from each other.

And because I’m about to go play another round, I’m having trouble figuring out how to end this post.  So in the words of the late, great MJ….SHAMONA! A-HEE-HEE!