Be thankful I’m a nice girl.  Because the mean side of me was about to pull a big April Fool’s joke on you by letting you believe I’m pregnant.  Here’s how it would have played out:  You would have seen the title of this post, clicked through and then when I got you all excited and daydreaming about cute baby clothes, I’d hit you with the one-two and yell APRIL FOOL’S!  Because even at 27 I can still act like I’m 9. 

But yeah…nope, nope, nope.  Not pregnant yet.  But going by my dreams, you’d think my biological clock was set at Mach 3.  That breaks the sound barrier, people.  We’re not joking around here. 

Tony is huddled and rocking in the corner because:

Biological clock talk = Gaaah! Head for the hills!  No time to stop for snacks or video games.  She’s coming for me and she’ll be talking about baaaabies!

It might be a slight exaggeration.  But.  Not really.

Anyway, the real purpose of this post is to tell you what a mean April Fool’s player I am.  Ask me how many times I’ve done the rubberband around the sink-water-squirter.  Really.  Ask me.  Tony probably knows exactly how many times, actually.

And because the whole “I’m pregnant! Nope, April Fools!” gets old, I decided it’d be funnier to pull a different prank on him.  So when he gets home tonight, I’m going to convince him that there’s a tsunami heading our way from Lake Michigan and we better head for higher ground.  If I work it just right, I might actually convince him that this tsunami, caused by an earthquake in Ohio of course, is coming straight for us.  Wish me luck.

What pranks have you pulled today?  Lay ’em on me!

Post-Publish Note: Whoa…totally didn’t mean to make light of tsunamis.  Didn’t even think of how insensitive it might be, what with the situation in Japan and all.  It was merely the ridiculousness of any type of disaster of that magnitude happening from the Great Lakes that was supposed to be funny about it.  Sorry for my poor taste 😦  Oops!