Hey All!  It’s been a busy month for me, which is no excuse, but saying that makes me feel less guilty for not writing for a couple weeks.  (If you know me, you know this is not true.  My guilt level is usually set on Catholic setting, whether it’s in regards to not writing for a month or testing a grape at the supermarket – which I just cannot do, no matter how many of you say it’s totally acceptable)

Onward!  We’ll deal with the guilt later!

Big things on the horizon here in Tony-Katie land.  We met with a realtor last week to discuss starter homes, budgets and my dislike of green carpeting.  Which she gently told me I’ll need to get over when browsing in our budget range.  Along with guilt-ridden, though, I tend to also be incredibly stubborn.  So we’ll see about the green carpeting.

We have a few things going against us, though, namely our puny downpayment which we’re feverishly trying to add to before our lease is up in December.  I think we’re both really ready to blow this apartment popsicle stand, if y’know what I’m sayin’.  If I hear one more kid screaming bloody murder Sunday morning at 9 a.m. as he goes down the slide on the playset which is JUST OUTSIDE OUR BEDROOM WINDOW, I will fah-reak.  If you guessed this happened today and was my alarm to wake up, you would be correct.  If you guessed this isn’t exactly how I wanted to wake up on my one day to sleep in, you’d also be correct.  You’re pretty smart, huh?

(On a sidenote, is it really that fun going down a slide 50 times?  Enough fun that each trip down warrants a 10-second scream?)

We meet with a mortgage lender on Tuesday, possibly just for punishment, as he’ll probably tell us we’ll need to save more, because…didn’t we know?  Along with a downpayment comes closing costs!  Duh!

No, no, no…I can’t get discouraged. (I just had a moment of realization that you lovely readers are being subjected to my inner voice fighting with itself on the pages of my blog.  As long as you don’t charge a therapy fee, I’m ok with this.)

Whether this all works out for us in the near future or if it’s a little further down the road than we anticipate, I’m just excited to have the ball off and rolling down this new adventure in life.  Be on the ready to help get rid of green carpeting though.  I leave no blog reader untouched by my ability to guilt you into hard labor.  I have the guilt thing down.