I am a date remember-er.

Not the kind of dates that involve movie and popcorn or fancy dinners out.  I’d probably remember if I had one of those, though, too.  I suppose Tony picking me up in a pool van while he worked as a pool boy one summer might count as courting.  Or people might have thought I was being kidnapped.  Who could really say.


I’m a date remember-er when it comes to days of the year.  High school best friend’s birthday?  Yup, that one’s still rattling around in my brain taking up space, even though I haven’t talked to her in ages.  I remember the night Tony asked me out when I was 16.  July 8th, in case you were wondering, and it was a terrible thunderstorm.  It still seems to be crappy weather every July 8th since, which I find so funny.  I’ll remember your birthday and maybe even your kid’s birthday.  I’m like a calendar in human form.  It’s a cool party trick.

The neat thing about significant dates is, you get to add to them as you grow older.  Anniversaries.  New family members.  Work-related milestones.  Just more to add to the internal rolodex housed in my brain.

Why am I telling you all of this?  Other than to impress you with my mad memorization skills?  Well because I just found another date that has already become quite special in my life.  This one is August 28th.  The date our first child is due.