It’s been awhile, guys, I’m sorry. I’ve had trouble pulling myself away from any and all Mexican food long enough to write a blog post. This baby will come out spicy, let-me-tell-ya.

I know why you’re here first and foremost, so let’s not waste any time getting around to the belly picture and possibly the most adorable baby on the planet. Behold my amazing art talents:

That is my rendition of the glorious little being Tony and I have miraculously created. I hope he or she gets my mad skills behind a Microsoft Paintbrush. It will be a world of wide open doors and opportunities for him if he so happens to pick up this trait.

On a side note, I don’t actually believe our child will have Edward Scissorhand-like digits. I just accidentally pulled the paintbrush a little too far. And couldn’t figure out the undo key. Also? Square ribs and square buttocks will make baby clothes shopping hard in the future.


Things are moving along. I’m in the second trimester. The belly is a-popping. So are the buttons on the jeans.

Today I went the whole day at work with my suit pants unbuttoned. Please keep this between us, internet, ok? Because that shit be embarrassing, yo! And while I’m hesitant to cave and start wearing such fashion-forward trends that are found so easily in pleated maternity pants, I suppose muffin top is just as bad. What’s a preggo to do?

The key words of the week are “Mexican food” and “Arnold Palmer.” Strange mix, yes. But damn good, hell yes. I have dragged Tony to the local Mexi-Greek-Italian place more times than I care to admit and when I called him from work on Saturday and, instead of saying hello, yelled “Mexican food!” really loud into the phone when he picked up, he finally put his foot down. He couldn’t do any more Mexican food. So I promptly came home and made enchiladas. Don’t come between me and red sauce, people.

Ahhh, the other craving, Arnold Palmers. Lemonade and tea mixed together, or as I like to call it, liquid crack-attack. I C-A-N-N-O-T get enough of this stuff. I woke up Sunday morning and made one for breakfast. Along with an enchilada. We’re not messing around over here with the cravings.

As weird as it is to say this after talking all about my foods of choice, my appetite has actually gone down a bit now that I’ve entered second trimester territory. Thank GAWD! At my last 12 week doctor visit, I had gained 6 pounds in 4 weeks. I had a slight conniption on the scale. Then sheepishly went home and made myself wait AT LEAST 3 hours before eating chunks out of the huge leftover cake that was in our fridge. Will power. I have none.

So it’s probably good things have slowed down on the appetite front, as I’m now finally not thinking about food every…single…waking…minute…of…the…day. It’s now moved to hourly. Which baby bean, heartburn and I are “ok” with.