I’m sort of cheating here, as I’m technically 16 weeks as of yesterday, but I’m posting a 15 week photo.  It also has no super-talented, yet highly entertaining baby illustrations like my pictures before.

Here’s why.

1.) I’m lazy.  And I will whole-heartedly blame that on being pregnant.  I find that pregnancy now lends itself to being the scapegoat for many things that would normally have been blamed on just pure lack of motivation.  Things like eating girl scout cookies for dinner because they’re right on the table in front of you instead of making yourself the salad with all the ingredients already cut up in the fridge.  Yeah.  Things like that.

2.) Also?  I would normally take a 16 week photo tonight, however I have greasy hair, holey socks and I’m feeling damn-right uncute at this moment.  And right before I typed this I looked in the mirror and realized with horror that, because of allergies brought on by Wisco’s unseansonably warm temperatures lately, I’ve been smearing mascara all around my eye sockets for the past hour as I’ve innocently been rubbing the shit out of my peepers!  The itching!  Que terrible!

Yes, sometimes I’m surprised Tony reproduced with me, too.

Here’s the 15 week photo.

The belly has officially outshone the boobs.  Although, my husband might disagree.  Because seriously.  He’s loving the new boobs.

Funny how women get to experience all the crap-tastic fun that is pregnancy like heartburn, weight gain and nauseau and men get to experience the boobs.  That’s it.  Nothing else.  Just good, ‘ole funbags.

I am so dorky in work clothes, too, I know.  Who wears pantyhose anymore except 80 year women and me, a very pasty girl who would blind you with the shine on my very white legs?  Be thankful I’m wearing the hose, actually.  As fashion forward as they may be.

New craving of the week?  Apple juice.  I must have it at all times.  And then pay for it hideously when it gives me the worst acid reflux known to mankind.  Man-fucking-kind!  I am spitting fire after a glass of the stuff.  But, as my willpower has proven to me time and time again…wait, I have no willpower.  Which is exactly why I keep drinking apple juice.

Next up down the blog pipeline?  Gender discussion.  Let the predictions begin!