Having lived down south for a year, I often heard the hilarious term “hoo hoo” being used to describe a female’s lady-bits.  Then I remembered a story my mom told me about when she first moved down to Florida.  It’s important to mention that my mom is hilarious and whenever she gets excited she yells “hoo hoo!” in a relatively boisterous manner.  For awhile she couldn’t figure out why all the ladies at her new job kept looking at her strange when she’d shout out her favorite exclamation, until finally one woman told her that she was essentially yelling “vagina” really loud each time she got excited.

Oh mom.  It’s almost scary how much we’re alike sometimes.

And that’s my grand opening story for the gender discussion post.  You’re welcome, readers.  You’re also welcome, mom.

When Tony and I first found out we were pregnant, I was adamant that we were not going to find out the sex.  I waxed poetically for weeks, telling people how there are such very few wonderful surprises in life, and how great will it be when we can be surprised at the very end.  And then I started saying “Oh, we can totally handle yellows and greens.  We’ll be alright.”

As the weeks progressed, we slowly started to come out of the hipster dip-shit faze our brains were in and decided, “forget all that noise, who the heck’s all up in my uterus and is this little human gonna pee standing up or not?!”

So, that’s where we are now.  Our official gender-revealing ultrasound is scheduled for next month on Friday the 13th.  I am not sure what to make of that, other than we might be equally surprised to learn it is neither a he nor a she, but possibly a masked hockey player with a hazy MO to kill.  I will watch the doctor’s face carefully for any signs of alarm during the exam and will report back to you immediately.

And now for another reveal that will probably haunt our future child if it does turn out to be a girl.  I am sorry in advance, future-possible-girl-baby.

We both are hoping for a boy.

Let me add a disclaimer to this.  I will be thrilled if it’s a little girl.  Tony will be thrilled if it’s a little girl.  We are both blessed to be expecting a baby, who we hope is happy and healthy.  And that’s all that matters in the end.  No matter what our desire is, all will be forgotten the minute we look at our child’s face.

But because I like to keepz it real on this here blog, yo, I do feel it’s important to admit my slight inclination for having a little boy.  Maybe it’s because I’m not a pink and frilly dresses kind of girl (don’t let my love for heels fool you).  Maybe it’s because I have always just pictured a baby boy in my future.  Or maybe it’s just because I love the boy name we picked out, even though 99% percent of you will hate it and accuse of us of being hippies who are out to ruin our child’s life and his future resume (the other 1% of you cool cats will think we’re the dopest parents alive, though).

Tony wants a little boy because Tony has an entire collection of dinosaurs from his childhood that he’d like any excuse to unpack and play with again.  His reasons might be a little less complicated than mine, I suppose.

I’m getting a lot of predictions from friends, family and coworkers and many are “reading” girl on me.  I smile politely and resist the urge to punch them in their sweet, little faces.  That’s not how a lady acts, of course.  But we will see in a month here and I will make sure I run to the nearest internet source and update you.  And if it’s a hoo hoo that’s residing in me right now, I promise I will be just as excited.  I told Tony that girls can like dinosaurs and transformers, too, duh.