I think I’ve made you all sweat it out long enough.  And because we’ve already revealed our names to many who reside in the non-internet world (I know! It still exists! Gasp!), I figure…you’ve waited long enough.

Drumroll please.

If our little darling is, well, a little darling diva, she will be named Marlowe.  We don’t have a middle name for her yet, though, as the middle name is up to Tony and, well, Tony has yet to hang the shelves we bought when we first moved into this apartment a year and a half ago.  Basically, he’s a procrastinator, for those of you who like when I get straight to the point and can’t read between the lines.  (Sidenote: If you like brevity, I’m not sure what you’re doing reading my blog.)


Baby boy’s name.

This needs a little disclaimer.

It’s…unique (but growing in popularity, believe it or not, which just kills me a little inside).

Anyway.  Our little bouncing baby boy will be Fox.  Fox Benjamin if you’re curious about the middle name.

I’ve found that the name brings on strong connotations from both sides of the fence.  Either you love the name and think it’s pretty bitchin’ or you pretty much hate it and think we’re ruining our child’s future elementary school playground days.  We’ve been accused of thinking we’re celebrities.  And hippies.  I just tell people I hope he’s a special agent for the X-Files.