So because everything in my world has been baby fever lately, I’ve kind of neglected to tell you all the other big news.

Tony and I bought a house.

Seriously.  Someone is giving us a loan and turning us out into the world with complete confidence that we’ll a.) pay our mortgage each month, b.) mow our lawns in a timely fashion and c.) know what to do at 3 in the morning if the roof starts leaking.  Or the sump pump backs up.  Or holy shit there’s a spider in the bathroom.  OMG, I hope that last one doesn’t happen!

I probably wouldn’t have given us a loan, either, folks.

But we’ve signed all 534 documents and put in a contingency for our newborn if things fall through, so I think we’re all set to go.

There’s a long drawn out story behind this house, mainly that we fell in love with it.  Made an offer.  Had the offer countered with the original asking price.  (Seriously).  Made another offer.  And another counter with the original asking price.  Decided these people are ridiculous, goodbye.  Had them come back with our second offer.  Wait, what?  Fine, then.

There’s more to the story due to some problems the sellers were having, but it sounds like the kinks have been ironed and we’re all set to move on May 18th.  Which means we probably should start packing and stop looking at each other every night saying “we should probably start packing, duuuurrr…”

The house is perfect for us.  The nursery is planned out.  There are hardwood floors throughout the entire place.  We’re looking past the z-brick in the kitchen and master bedroom and turning a blind eye to the brown, shag carpeting in the basement.  But did I mention the hardwood floors?

What’s perfect is that it’s in great condition, provides a lot of space for us to grow and just…feels right.

So we’re all pumped.  Even baby Fox who is kicking me in the bladder right now from the excitement.  Thank goodness this place has 2 bathrooms.