Someone needs to drive/fly/hitchhike/hoverboard to Wisconsin right now and stop me from purchasing thousands of unbearably cute baby items from Etsy.  That website is the devil.  The devil disguised as insanely adorable, reasonably priced, homemade goods.  Often made with love and a personalized card included with the package.  Damn that devil and his personalized thank you card!

This pretty little print is residing in Fox’s nursery as we speak.

Sidenote: we’re being very cautious about all the “fox” stuff in the nursery.  AKA we’re not completely losing our marbles and decking everything out in a fox theme.  There’s a fine line between a key piece or two that touches on the cheeky fact that our son will be named after a small woodland creature and making our child grow up in a bedroom forest full of wild animal goods and art.

I also bought this:

That, my friends, is a cloth diaper cover.  A cloth diaper cover that has little furry monsters all over it with the words “Ooga Booga.”  I will die from cuteness now.  On the nursery floor.  Still clutching to my Ooga Booga diaper cover.

Someone alert Etsy please.