Badda Bam!

Baby Bump.

30 Week Baby Bump

Don’t let this picture fool you.  It took a good 20-something shots before I felt comfortable even saving a photo on my camera and not sentencing it like so many others to the delete pile.  Which means this picture is all smoke and mirrors.  A good angle.  Good lighting.  My own personal genie who grants skinny wishes.  Something like that.  I’m feeling and probably looking much more…large…in real life.

Tonight I went to the movies and when I walked past the mirror in the bathroom I had to do a double take.  When did I start smuggling cantaloupes into the theater?

Tony and I went up north for a few days this past weekend and spent it just relaxing, watching movies, reading and enjoying a boat ride on the lake.

Know what really brings on belly laughs?  Trying on non-maternity bikinis for your husband while you’re close to 8 months pregnant.  I can finally fill out the tops, which is the plus.  But the poor bottoms weren’t exactly doing the job for full coverage around the extra junk in the trunk.

Fox definitely got in some extra baking, though.

30 Week Belly Bump

We officially no longer see toes. Or legs for that matter. It’s just all cone-shaped bump-ness to the south.

You know…that’s probably not the most attractive picture.  My apologies to subjecting you to some incredibly pale, vein-y fish belly-ness.

My appetite that was unparalleled in the first trimester has returned with a vengeance.  And this time it’s demanding ice cream.  I’m almost embarrassed by how hungry I feel all the time.  I’m actually keeping up with Tony during meals.  I’m afraid to step on the scale.

With 10 weeks left to go, I’m not sure where this kid is going to find more room, which is also frightening.  But be sure I’ll bring you a long for the ride.  And I promise no more bare belly photos.  You can stop clawing at your eyes now.