AKA – longest title ever.  Also?  Lamest.

I’m going on 38 weeks.  For the love of God, someone please plug in a Shop Vac already and wave it in my general nether region area.  Because I. Am. Done. with this pregnancy. DONE-ZO!  Come out, kid.  Let’s do this thang.

I can’t sleep at night.  Every conceivable ligament in my body feels like it’s been through a marathon.  I’ve upp-ed my Tums quota because 1 at a time is just not cutting the enormous power of this new-and-improved-version of acid reflux.  I’m not even sure where the acid is coming from, as it is pretty apparent my stomach is on vacation somewhere in my diaphragm.  My maternity shirts won’t even cover my entire stomach anymore, so I’m waddling through the grocery store with a sliver of fish belly poking out the bottom of my tops.  It’s so attractive, you guys.  Try not to hit on me while I’m feeling the tomatoes.

Breathe in…breathe out.

Bitch fest in…bitch fest out.

Ok, that’s over.  Now to talk about the fun stuff.  The nursery is done.  And it’s gorgeous and cozy and comfortable and you can find me there most nights, rocking my own self to sleep on the little glider while listening to his sound machine.  I’m a dork.  But here are some pictures to help you forget my dorkiness!

Nursery Window Seat

Nursery Window Seat

Changing Table Area

ABC Menagerie

These images came from a sweet little book called ABC Menagerie. Tony and I wanted something a little different from the cutesy wall art, and after scouring Etsy and not finding what I wanted, I was flipping through one of his baby books and came across these images. They’re perfect for what we were looking for!

The oppussum gets me every time.  Doesn’t he look like he’s up to no good?

ABC Menagerie Photos

More of the same. Please note the fox in the middle. We couldn’t resist!

Fox Nursery Mobile

Helllllo fox mobile from Etsy!
(Pssst! Click on the picture to be linked to the listing on Etsy…you know…in case you want to copy my truly amazing style or something…no big deal)

Inside Crib

There will be a baby in this crib soon. If one of you would man-up and help me with the Shop Vac, damnit!

Nursery Glider

Nursery Bookshelf

That cool glow at the top left corner is a rock/salt lamp we received as a wedding gift, because, if you know me, I love me some gemstones and rocks! It works amazing as a nightlight!

Nursery Suncatcher

Like I said above…I love me some rocks! Unfortunately, because I couldn’t wait to to take pictures until daytime, you can’t get the same, beautiful effect of the sun shining through these suncatchers, but…you get the idea

Cloth Diaper Covers

Holy Toledo cloth diapers are cute! And because we didn’t completely lose our marbles, we do have some disposable diapers stocked too. Just in case. Don’t go calling the hippie police, though.

Nursery-ed out, yet?  Wanna place bets on how long the pristine-look of this nursery will last?

So now that THAT’S done…we can have a baby, right?  Maybe now isn’t the best time to talk about how our bathroom remodel isn’t quite finished.  Yeah.  We’ll save that for another post…