What, what?  4 months old already?  This can’t be happening.

Someone, quick!  Hand me a newborn!  So I can sniff its furry little head and take naps with it on my chest.

Because my little dude is now strong and likes to throw his head around and give my cheekbone a shiner.  And he rolls around his crib so that at 4 in the morning I find him facing the total opposite direction with his head shoved in the corner.  And he’s pissed about it.  And this little tater tot also likes to grab my hair and talk to his hands and coo at his daddy.  Seriously.  He is growing up so fast now.

So, yeah.  Time to have another one.

Just kidding, Tony.  You can get up off the floor now.

Here’s our little Fox-a-doodle at 4 months.  Partying hard for New Years, of course.

(Don’t worry…we limited him to only ONE glass of Champagne.  We’re not super terrible parents, after all.)