Fox turned 6 months about a month ago.  Which means he’s almost 7 months.  Which means I never posted his 6 months photos.  Why?

Because damnit, WordPress!

Awhile back I decided I was going to write a post about something other than my pre-shuz baybee.  I know.  It’s tough for me to do that.  Because seriously.  I want to eat him sometimes because he’s that delicious.

But I digress.

So I wrote up this marvelous little post.  And it was pretty funny.  And you have to believe me about its “funny-ness,” regardless of if it ACTUALLY was funny or not, because this post did not happen.  Because WordPress lost it!

I hit the “publish” button.  Leaned back.  Waited for those comments to roll in.  Then realized it was asking me to sign into my account.

Well, ok.  I’ll sign in.

I did just that.  Then it took me back to my dashboard and my post was lost forever.  I checked my drafts and saw the first sentence typed out.

Then I hulk-stomped my computer out of anger.

I did not do that.

But I wanted to.


So I boycotted WordPress for a month.

WordPress did not know I boycotted them.

But in my smug little heart I felt better.

But I’m back because I just can’t stay away.  I do love you, WordPress, I really do.  But why you gotta do me like that, yo?

So I’m posting Fox’s 6 month photos, one month late.  And in a few days you’ll see his 7 month photo.  And then you’ll hate me because I’ll have gone back to “all baby-mode, all the time.”  Sorry for you non-mommy bloggers out there that just want to read about shoes – a topic that used to actually be of relevance on this blog.  One day, people.  I promise.  When he stops puking over the back of my shoulder and down my pant leg and onto those very same, sexy shoes I used to talk about.

Here’s Fox. 6 months of age.  Totally rocking the faux-hawk with the professional socks.  ‘Cuz that’s my friggin’ cool kid right there…

6 months copy