That’s right, folks.  Mr. Man is 9 months old.

9 months with copy copy

We had his 9-month doc appointment two days ago and he promptly broke out into an angry, all-body rash that very morning.  He did the EXACT SAME THING for his 6 month visit.  I kid you not.  It’s like the little dude already has “white coat” syndrome or something.

Here are  his stats.  17 pounds, 13 ounces – 1oth percentile. 27 and 3/4 inches – 30th percentile.

Translation – I  might have birthed a munchkin.

And we’re wondering if he has a hollow leg because, seriously…he’s eating, like, every hour.

He’s also teething and has been a goblin for the last 2 weeks.  One top tooth finally poked through this past Tuesday, but no sign of the other one.  Which means we also might have given birth to a hillbilly.

Here are a few more photos from this shoot.  I wish I was this happy eating beets.


Mother. Kindly promise me that you’ll never use your own spit to style my hair again.