Hello!  Remember me?  The Cheeky Bride.  Turned Cheeky Mom.  Whose last blog post said that I’d be diligently blogging something fierce, and then I fell off the face of the planet?  Yeah, now you remember me!

I’ve moved.  Not physically (same couch, same butt imprint), but website-wise.  I went a few years without blogging and realized how much I truly missed writing.  And I’m making a promise – not to you, but to myself – that I’m going to stick with it.  I just…need that extra something in my life.  So if you still care about my little goober named Fox, or just enjoy my self-deprecation, please follow me at my new blog:

The Hen in the Fox House

The site is still under pretty heavy construction (try to overlook the pages that lead to nowhere), but I’ve included a few posts already and (yay!) have more of a social media presence this time around.

Hope to see you there (and hear from a few friendly faces/names I remember from the past!).