I’m behind on my 11 months photo.  What else is new?  It’s a wonder this kid gets fed and dressed each day. (Before you pick up the phone to call Child Protective Services, be aware that he IS fed and dressed each day.  Parent of the Year Award right here…)

Here’s little dude at 11 months…

11 months with copy copy

He actually looks a little different now because I DID finally get his hair cut.  Now it’s short and goes straight across his forehead like Lloyd from Dumb & Dumber.  He looks like a little friar.  Friar Fox and his bowl cut.

I thought for sure my kid would have crazy curly hair like me, but it wouldn’t be his personality to comply.

Anyways.  We’re celebrating that milestone birthday in less than 2 weeks.  I can’t believe he’ll be 1.  Be prepared for the next blog post to be emotional and sappy.  I’ve warned you.




A month has passed since I’ve updated all you lovely people.  I know this because the last blog post was to post Fox’s 4 month pics.  And here I come (a day late and a dollar short) to post his 5 month pics.

You haven’t missed much.  Here’s the Cliff Notes version.

Still no sleeping happening in our house.  In fact, Fox has reverted back to waking every 2 hours, so we’re actually sleeping less.  How’s that math for ya’?

Still nursing and pumping.  And nursing.  And pumping.  And cleaning pump equipment every night.  And pumping more.  And feeling like if I pump one more time I will possibly stab myself in the neck just to end the misery.  Oh. And having the building manager walk in on me while pumping.  That. Was awkward.  Not gonna’ lie…

We’re in the laughter phase, which is too damn adorable for words.  He’s slowly moving into a weird shrieking phase as of late, though, which is the cross between a scream and a dolphin noise.  He even carries on a for a few minutes, which leads me to believe that I might have birthed the very first human baby to ever speak “porpoise.”  Be jealous, ya’ll.

Work has been incredibly busy for me.  I plan parties.  I write flyers.  I go to meeting after meeting after meeting and then leave said meetings to go to another.  Then I go home and bring my work computer.

Oh, and then I do the mountain of dishes.

Woe is me, I know.

But that’s ok.  It just explains why you haven’t seen a post in forever.  But here’s some cute baby pictures for you to nibble on.

5 months with copyThis is the best of the shots as he was full of pickle juice on photo shoot day (as he is most days), although I do believe the term is “spirited.”

DSC00785Rolling with my fox homies, ya’ll.

DSC00790Just all around confused here.  What do you people want with me?!




And just when you begin to think this child hasn’t learned the art of smiling…

He hits you with the one-two punch:


DSC00815Have you come to rescue me?

DSC00816Cloth-diapered baby bottoms…turning baby butts into J.Lo booties since 1865.