It’s been a few blog posts since I’ve updated you all on the status of how the running is going.  I know what keeps you up at night.  It’s cool.

Let me start out by saying I feel like a total poser calling it “running.”  Actually, whenever I mention it to Tony or others I usually just throw up finger air quotes and call it  “run-walking.”  Because there’s a whole lot of walking going on.  And maybe a few stints of running/panting too.

I’ve been trying to be slow about building my endurance for a crazy long run because I’ve been out and about every day and I can tell my knees are starting to feel a little “what the f, woman?!”  They’re used to teetering in cute heels, not smacking pavement repeatedly.  So I start running at a certain point and push myself to go a teensy bit farther each time.  And when I say teensy, we’re talking mailbox to mailbox.  Don’t judge…Damnit, I can feel you judging.

Anyhow, I’ve noticed that the sideaches are much better (in that there are fewer of them) and I’m not quite as winded as I was the first day I tested my skills.  I also turn a lovely shade of tomato, which is a little less than MacIntosh Apple.  Sorry my color shade examples suck.  Anyhow, at least I’m not as worried someone is going to pull over and ask if I’m “ok.”  Red faces = bright, neon call for assistance.

So, there you have it.  My running update.  I appreciate all the advice and comments from my last post.  I checked out Google Pedometer, which rocks my world 7.8 richter scale-style because I can now figure out how far I’m running.  Which, in my head was a lot farther than what Google told me.  Thanks, Google.  Really.

I’ve also started tying my keys into my shoelaces because, DUH, best idea ever!  Why I didn’t think of that in the first place is beyond me, but I suspect I’m getting blonder as I run in the sun.

I do have one question for everyone.  How long does it typically take to start building muscle?  I’ve noticed since I’ve up’ed my exercising, my scale number has gone up one (or three!) ticks.  What the?  Tony tells me I’m building muscle, but I refuse to believe it would affect my weight after 3 weeks.  I call bogus!  Someone please tell me different so I don’t have to blame the Doritos!