I’m going to start  a new something-er-other for Tuesday blog posts.  Partly to help you get to know me and partly to help me get to know YOU!  So we’ll give this a shot.  Every Tuesday I’ll post a question.  Then I’ll answer it (imagine how that works!).  And then I’d love for you all to post your own answers in the comments.  Or feel free to even carry the question over to your own blogs if the mood moves you.  Am I being too bossy?  I tend to.

Anyhow, let’s start this off with a bang.  Sometimes I’ll pull questions from the internet.  Sometimes from my own brainy little brain.  If you have questions you’d love to ask, feel free to post those in the comments as well.  I’ll try to use that question for the next week.

Ok, this is getting too complicated.  I always over-explain. 

Here goes.

dundundundundundun (that’s the drumroll, duh!)

And the kick-off question is:

What Vegetable Do You Most Resemble?

Ok, I have to be honest.  I picked this question from a random website because it made me laugh.  Because, really?  Could a question be any dumber?  But it’s kind of cute in its “dumb-ness.”  Like how those hairless cats are kind of cute because they’re so incredibly awkward looking.  So it’s the question for the week.

I’m a little confused by it, though.  I’m not sure if the questioner meant for the answer to be literal…because then I might answer broccoli, because I have crazy, curly hair that often results in me looking a little ragamuffin-isk.  And I suppose broccoli would be closest to that.  Maybe eggplant because I have a long face.  And I think I’ll stop here because I’m really making myself out to be pretty attractive.

If I had to answer by personality only…I wouldn’t be sure because hotdogs aren’t vegetables.  Kidding!  So kidding! (Really I am, but all of a sudden it’s dawned on me what I’m having for dinner, thankyouverymuch question asker!) 

Based on my half-assed attempt to personify vegetables, I suppose I’d most likely resemble a tomato.  They’re generally liked, easily accessible (I mean that in the way that I’m friendly and open, not that I’m cheap and prostitute-y, gawd!)  They have a thousand different varieties, much like my moods.  They also tend to get mushy.  And that’s also like me, especially when it comes to babies or puppies.  Or babies holding puppies. 

Ok, your turn.  I’m handing over the mic.  What vegetable do you most resemble?  Don’t be shy!