December 2012

What, what?  4 months old already?  This can’t be happening.

Someone, quick!  Hand me a newborn!  So I can sniff its furry little head and take naps with it on my chest.

Because my little dude is now strong and likes to throw his head around and give my cheekbone a shiner.  And he rolls around his crib so that at 4 in the morning I find him facing the total opposite direction with his head shoved in the corner.  And he’s pissed about it.  And this little tater tot also likes to grab my hair and talk to his hands and coo at his daddy.  Seriously.  He is growing up so fast now.

So, yeah.  Time to have another one.

Just kidding, Tony.  You can get up off the floor now.

Here’s our little Fox-a-doodle at 4 months.  Partying hard for New Years, of course.

(Don’t worry…we limited him to only ONE glass of Champagne.  We’re not super terrible parents, after all.)



Last Tuesday Tony and I celebrated our 2 year wedding anniversary (and for those who are keeping count, that’s a total of 13 years together now!).

Instead of a fancy evening out, we gave Fox a bath, ate a terrible Domino’s pizza and watched Men In Black 3 while curled up on the couch.  I fell asleep after the first 30 minutes.  Tony let me sleep.  That is love, people.

Our life is a little different now that we’re a family of three.  You won’t find me in front of the mirror on Saturday nights, trying on my fifth outfit before going out to the bars for the night.  Grocery store trips require much more planning.  Exciting events now include going to see Santa at the community center on the weekend.

You’ll hear baby talk down the halls of our house and we’ll look at each other like we share an inside joke when we see Fox make the “poop face.”  We’re pathetic.

People say that having a child is the true test of a relationship and I can see the reasoning.  Babies are no joke.  They are tough.  They cry.  They can go into hateful beast mode when they are tired.  While there are many wonderful moments, you can’t negate that there are times you want to throw up your hands when you’re changing 3 layers of clothes at 2 in the morning because of a poop blowout.

While I was pregnant, I often wondered how Tony would be as a father.  I never doubted that he would love our son, but I had a hard time picturing how fatherhood would look on him.

Over the last 3 months I have fallen more deeply in love with my husband than ever.  Because I couldn’t have asked for a better father to our child.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve listened over the baby monitor as he coos to Fox.  I’ll hear them talking to each other and smile.  Fox lights up when Tony’s in the room.

Right after I gave birth, I remember looking at our new son while the doctor held him up, and then immediately I looked at Tony’s face.  There are no words that could describe what I saw, but I’ll never forget the look of pride.  The moment he held him, the bond was instant.

And even now, 3 months later, he has an unfathomable amount of patience for even the fussiest days.  He rocks at diaper changes.  And he talks about his son like he’s the light of his life.  And there is absolutely no question that he is.

While our relationship is defined by much more than our child – we have a friendship that still has us talking in bed until 1 in the morning on work nights – it’s hard not to see your husband in a different light once there’s a wee babe in the mix.

And it’s a wonderful light.

Happy Anniversary, Tony.  You still rock my world.